Here is my old motion graphics reel. Currently rebranding and updating.

Art of Mograph Demo Reel

Innovative Motion Graphics Designs for Business owners, Broadcast Media and Content Creators.

My name is Dawson Burdick and I work as a senior motion designer for a financial advisor company and freelance for small businesses, live broadcast channels, content creators. I have also taken a journey into the Interaction Design industry in the last couple years as well.

I thrive in a stressful work environment where I face highly technical and creative problems that you can’t find answers to on google that need solutions in the video/animation and broadcasting fields. This is the true nature of innovation.

Feel free to reach out

Looking to Learn Motion Graphics?

See tutorials and tips on After Effects & Element 3D!

Coming Soon: UX/UI Series Exploring Framer, Html, CSS, Javascript

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